NCE members are diverse. We purposely do this to ensure that all members have access to the goods and services they need. Again- our goal is to maximize value and this is an important way we do it. We have over 2,500 members who ensure that the diversity we require is always maintained. Graphic design artists, radio ads, executive gifts, bakeries, limousine services, accounting, attorneys, chiropractors and HVAC repair companies are all found in our network.

Finding the goods or services you need with NCE is going to be easy. We have a team of trade brokers who manage the introduction to new potential clients. Their big-picture vision will pair you up with a completely new market, allowing us to become part of your sales team. Our goal is to successfully facilitate the bartering process for both parties.

In addition to the day-to- day matching of network members, we also have a monthly newsletter that promotes your business to the group. Thousands of potential business partners will be presented with your valuable goods and services. Making them aware of what exactly you offer, is the first part of creating a viable and valuable partnership. Beyond the monthly newsletter, we also send daily emails that promote you. Again- NCE becomes a part of your sales network. Our goal is to help you get in front of new clients and increase value.

There are also trade shows where our members have the opportunity to personally display what their companies have to offer. Any business owner knows the value of trade shows. They give a wide range of companies the chance to showcase their products and services. If you want to truly see the diversity of the network NCE is working on creating, then this is where it is in full show. We have tried to develop a wide range of members who can best serve each other’s needs with bartering.

If you’re looking to expand your business and increase your market, NCE is the company to take you forward. We are focused. We are complete. And, we know how to leverage the power of bartering to take you to the next business level of growth and success.