All members of the NCE network have access to the company resources. Here are some valuable ones that business owners will use every day:

BARTERING: Bartering has been around for centuries. Civilization was built on bartering. So why wouldn’t it be an excellent outlet if modified for the current market? NCE sees the possibilities and over the past 35-years we have worked hard to diversity our network pool. The goal is to allow members the chance to find any product or service they need for their business, without having to outlay cash.

NCE Network: The NCE network currently has 2,500 members and that is growing consistently. All business owners are looking for ways to maximize their efficiency. What better way than to find a place where they can move lagging inventory or stagnant services? NCE provides the perfect location to market and advertise.

MARKETING: NCE offers our members a wide range of marketing possibilities. We have trade shows, we offer email marketing, and we offer newsletter inclusion. On top of that, we are allies with our members and act as trade brokers. We match up company to company to create successful trade partnerships. Most of our clients aren’t aware at first of how many possibilities there are with marketing in the network. That’s where our brokers come step in and fill the gap. They have access to a huge range of businesses and are used to coupling up businesses that aren’t necessarily compatible upon first inspection. Their expertise though is key in pushing your forward. Our brokers will find successful trading allies for you to work with.

MONTHLY REPORTING: NCE also helps our members keep track of all transactions with monthly reporting. We act like a bank, in that you will receive a statement that shows you every business transaction you made throughout the month. It will show you every sale and purchase made and give you your trade-dollar value along with fees applied or due.

THE IRS: Of course there is an IRS involvement for tax reasons. In general, trade income is viewed the same as cash income, with no tax advantage or disadvantage. Business-related trade purchases however, are tax deductible.

THE VALUE OF NCE TRADING: Many businesses use trade already but NCE trading has a huge advantage. Remember that we have spent over 30 years building up a robust trading network. That means that you will have access to that entire 2,500-member network. If you are trading on your own, you have to do it one-by- one, reaching out to one business as a time. With NCE you are able to reach a huge network. The possibilities truly are endless when you see how diverse our pool of resources are. In addition, our NCE trade brokers are adept at finding partnerships that work. They can help to match you up with exactly the resource you need for your successful trade.