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Welcome to NCE Barter. We are the National Commerce Exchange, the largest independent trade organization headquartered in the northeastern part of the country. Bartering is a powerful tool that has gone untouched for too long. At NCE Barter, we capitalize on it. Currently, we help over 2,500 businesses take advantage of their full value by increasing customer base, maximizing machine capacity, pushing their sales and growing business.

If your business has an available inventory or service, we can show you how to channel those stagnant resources into current value. By accepting trade, rather than payment, you can maximize your efficiency and move inventory quicker, or truly hone the value of unused billable hours. Our method allows you to locate the goods and services you need, without depleting cash reserves. You can put your money to work for you in different areas, while still maximizing the efficacy of other assets.

As a NCE Barter member, we will show you how to strategically leverage your inventory and services, the entire time preserving cash flow. Our goal is to bring you new sales and increase your overall market share, as a means of giving you the freedom to use your cash elsewhere successfully. Our members accept other forms of currency and can purchase products or services within other members of our NCE network.

Joining our network will allow us show you how:

1) To gain access instantly to a new customer base ready to transact

2) Maintain cash reserve and flow by utilizing trading instead

3) Find new businesses to sell your inventory and services

4) Bullet-proof your company regardless of the recession

Here’s how our business model works:

As a member of NCE Barter, you give yourself the chance to get your inventory or service to thousands of new prospects. Every one of our members is thoroughly vetted and bring value and diversity to the mix. When you sell them a product or service, they give you trade dollars that are equitable to actual cash. Those virtual dollars are added to your trading account. That trade account then becomes valuable when you use it to purchase the goods and services you need. This could be anything from catering services to IT time to office supplies. The limits are endless because of the rich and diverse member makeup we have created.

Business owners know how goods and services can be costly. By outlaying cash, you are depleting your bottom line and limiting yourself. Most owners have inventory that is stagnant and services that are waiting to be offered. By pooling them into the NCE barter network, you are truly putting all of your assets to work for you! No longer is anything sitting in a stuffy old warehouse taking up space or are your services going unutilized.

Some of our valuable network partners are CompuGeeks, West Hills Day Camp, K98.3-KJoy and World Wide Security. This is just a small example of the thousands of partners who are already benefiting from the National Commerce Exchange network. Our network is concentrated in the northeast, but is quickly expanding throughout the country. More and more business owners see the value of trade as a business tool and are incorporating it into their daily business model.

If you are looking to gain new business markets, then join with NCE. We have an excellent history of capitalizing on trade, rather than cash. It allows our business owning members to focus on the efficiency of using all assets to build their business! NCE is the exact partner you need to build your future.