About Us

The National Commerce Exchange, NCE, was founded in 1980. Our goal from the start was to offer profitable solution to business owners that maximized efficiency and increase value. We have found the perfect solution: to introduce bartering to the market. We have over 2,500 members in our network and each one brings valuable resources to the mix. Since 1980, the NCE has flourished and become a leader in the bartering market throughout the country.

Bartering is a valuable tool. Not only does it preserve cash, but it moves backlogged inventory and services. The efficiency of utilizing all resources is key to maximizing profit. In our network your products are sold outside of your normal market base. You are advertising to a completely new set of potential customers. NCE focuses on diversity to ensure that all services and products our members need will be available within the network.

Our business model brings tangible significance to clearance inventory, seasonal stock and overstock. These items normally sit in a warehouse, taking up space and holding up sales. NCE made this a focus. Most profits made on these items would come from deep discounts. Or, they would merely be written off. Our question was: how can we help our customers avoid this and maximize efficiencies by utilizing this type of inventory?

By introducing trade networking into the business market, NCE has been able to successfully increase the power of inventory and services, without depleting cash reserves. Our vision is unique and strategic. The bottom line though is that it works!

NCE provides an exciting and strategic economic advantage for bringing value to stagnant and under-performing available assets. By bringing added value, without losing cash, we are able to help our network members maximize their growing power. From the beginning, this has been our vision and we happily commit to continued expansion and new possibilities for our NCE members.